Individual coaching is a step by step follow-up for a client towards the established target. Also, the process envisages creation of a motivating, non-evaluative environment around the client, which enhances insights, awareness, and unlocking of internal potential.

Basic coaching models and questions forcing the client to think about new ways to achieve the goal are used to follow-up the client.

We provide Executive Coaching for company Heads, Business Coaching to companies, and normal people willing to change their (Life Coaching).

Topics included into the coaching:

Individual Coaching.

  1. Strategic long-term life planning
  2. Tactical planning and goals achievement
  3. Time planning
  4. Career progress
  5. Development of skills and abilities
  6. Overcoming habits
  7. Relationships improvement

Executive coaching.

  1. Strategic business planning
  2. Planning current tasks/multitasking skills
  3. Personnel management
  4. Personal time management
  5. Skills/training in holding meetings with the help of coaching
  6. Skills/training in conflicts resolution with the help of coaching
  7. Relaxation skills/training

Business coaching.

  1. Analysis of key business sections
  2. Building a strategic map for a business
  3. Marketing campaign management
  4. Ads management
  5. Company changes management
  6. Placing business online
  7. On-the-job personnel coaching without work interruption