Certified programs and institutes of APC
(Association of Professional Coaches)

Accredited APC institutes are highly qualified training centers meeting relevant high standards of Association of Professional Coaches and offering professional training programs in coaching, enneagram, hypnosis, NLP, and business education approved by the APC.

Meta Leader Center

Category: Coaching, Enneagram, NLP, Coaching

The name of the program: System Coach APC
Coach’s name:
Kirill Pristsenko

+372 56713832

Conducting professional certification courses in the field of NLP, Ennealograms and Coaching, individual coaching sessions and psychological consultations, as well as providing training and coaching services to organizations. The Meta Leader center prepares certified coaching, NLP, and business trainers.

MetaCoach Coaching & Training Center

Category: Coaching

The name of the program: System Coach APC
Coach’s name: Laila Snidzāne, Joanna Kristīne Golubeva, Evija van der Beek

+ 371 29412983

Training in coaching is available both as a basic program with certification, and advanced training. Individual and team coaching sessions. Target training of interpersonal skills (“soft skills”). Supervision and personal development of managers with the help of coaching mentoring.

First Baltic Trading Academy

Category: Business trainings

The name of the program: Trading for beginners
Coach’s name:
Vitali Filimonov

+372 5533059

FIRST BALTIC TRADING ACADEMY— is the Academy, founded by Vitaly Filimonov, No.1 expert and the leader of the cryptocurrencies development in the Baltic states. A practical approach to training is the basis of lessons that helps our students start doing what they love immediately after the end of the course.